China to UK road freight

The cost-effective overland alternative from China

Particularly popular during peak periods or when there is excessive demand for limited air freight capacity, Global Forwarding’s unique Door-to-Door FTL service is the cost-effective alternative to air freight for large consignments – up to 70 CBM – that need an expedited and dependable service.

The Coronavirus pandemic led to sea and air capacity removal and air cargo costs increasing by over 500%, making sea inaccessible and air exorbitantly expensive for most shippers, underlining the value of this uniquely flexible solution.

Door to door, the shipper has control over loading and discharge points, ports of loading and discharge, placement and type of equipment, including refrigerated and secure box trailers.

If you wish to bypass the present challenges on sea, rail or air please reach out to your local BDM, or seek your quotes to

The door-to-door overland alternative

  • Full Truck Load (FTL) 70CBM or less than a container load
  • Custom clearance at origin and destination
  • TIR and T1 issued for bond/EU transport
  • Approximate pricing £390 per CBM or £2.00 per kg
  • Door to door transit time 23 days
  • Range of box and specialist trailers
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