Keeping your equipment moving and moving your equipment

We leverage Global Forwarding and Hecny colleagues in 25 countries, an established network of 200 partners and our global supply chain visibility tools to keep our industrial clients and their equipment moving.

We work with the producers and users of manufacturing, construction, energy and power equipment, positioning the spare parts that keep critical machinery operating and transporting machines of all sizes, weights and complexity, to their point of use.

Industrial solutions

Bespoke international

  • Road | Sea | Air | Rail
  • Inland waterways
  • Charter
  • Specialised equipment


  • Specialised handling or transport equipment
  • Timings, route and transport options
  • Product characteristics
  • Cost vs benefit

Handling all types
of product

  • Fragile
  • Outsize
  • Valuable
  • Hazardous
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BIG loads, low rates and always on time

This designer and wholesale supplier of food containers across the United States, had multiple manufacturers in and around Ningbo and Shenzen.

With back-orders on the client’s popular product lines the factories were periodically releasing an amount of inventory, equivalent to 200m3, or three full 40’ sea containers, which, due to urgency, had to be shipped by air on the earliest available flights.

By liaising closely with the vendors and multiple carriers the Global Forwarding air freight team split inventory across flights and routes, consolidating cargo at a variety of staging gateways to get the optimum blend of service and rates, while consistency hitting deadlines.

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