Storage and distribution solutions to manage inventory and supply chain flow

We leverage our global capability and local resources, to reduce handling and dwell times, so that our customers can optimise their extended supply chain, reducing costs and consistently hitting delivery deadlines.

With integrated global visibility we manage inventory and distribution flow across the supply chain, adding agility and responsiveness to changes in demand and requirement.

From comprehensive international supply chain support, to creating a simple short-term storage solution, we can help. Our strategically sited secure storage and distribution centres are designed to deliver flexible support and solutions.

We provide bonded and specialised warehousing space for the storage, processing and distribution of racked and bulk ambient and temperature-controlled products.



  • Flexible storage solutions
  • Choice of secure locations
  • Ambient and temperature-controlled environment
  • Inventory management


  • Order picking
  • eCommerce fulfilment
  • Packing and re-packing
  • Labelling and pre-delivery working


  • Pallet, part and full load solutions
  • Multi-drop
  • Final mile
  • Cold-chain

Direct delivery

  • Direct to preferred point
  • Cross docking
  • Merge in transit
  • Transloading
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When time-sensitive is a family affair

It’s not unusual for Global Forwarding’s air freight manager to receive work calls on a Sunday evening, particularly when it’s an urgent aircraft on ground (AOG) request, to transport spare parts to Hong Kong overnight.

Aircraft on ground (AOG) jobs are always time-critical as the opportunity cost of a grounded aircraft is massive and, with the overnight flight’s check-in closing in just 60 minutes, the pressure was really on. 

Without time to locate and position a regular hand-carry courier, the manager’s spouse ‘volunteered’ to step-in and was immediately transported to the airport to check-in, minutes before the flight closed, with just her handbag and the vital parts for the 40 hour round-trip.

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