Smart supply chains and business growth

By Paul Kelly in Blog Posted: 14th, June, 2023

Effective supply chains are essential to support business operation and growth, and the supply chain’s resilience and efficiency will ultimately make or break a business.

Good supply chain management – like so much in business – is being able to strike the perfect balance between cost and quality, to maximise returns, with efficient deliveries that drive customer satisfaction.

However, shifting from entrenched cost-savings mindsets to focus on growth and opportunity can be tricky, especially when businesses are grappling with external challenges, volatility, supply shortages and negative economic challenges.

The true value that a freight forwarder should deliver is not the lowest cost transactional freight, but the most resilient and effective supply chain, at the lowest cost. As we demonstrate below.

Exporting to the USA
Through most of 2021 and 2022 our customers were moving high cargo volumes to the United States, during a period of massive congestion at US ports, with low vessel space availability.

At a time when many shippers could not get cargo shipped, or had containers stuck in US congestion, incurring demurrage fees. We leveraged block space agreements that we had in place with leading transatlantic carriers to guarantee cargo uplift, while our team in the United States arranged land-side solutions that ensured our customers’ containers were moved off quay, before the expiry of free time, with 3rd party buffer storage, to avoid warehouse constraints in the US.

Simplifying EU trade
The post-Brexit environment presents a specific opportunity for traders that have access to our expert Customs brokerage platform and EU office to expedite products exported to and imported from Europe.

We have a range of solutions designed to simplify trade between the UK and EU, for businesses in either jurisdiction. We provide VAT guidance and assistance and can set up simple compliance with regulations for holding and releasing stock into free circulation.

Our experts in the UK and Irish Republic can take you through the benefits of holding stock in the EU, complying with local fiscal regulations and the optimum time to clear goods into ‘Free Circulation’ for the easiest access to the single market, with no forms or formalities for your customer, who will receive your goods as if they were buying from an EU company.

The fact is the benefits of positive supply chain action far outweigh the risks of doing nothing, because they cut costs, increase profits and free up cashflow. Our visibility and PO management tools make it simple to manage the end-to-end process, from vendor to receipt.

With visibility, from raising the initial PO, through production, shipment and delivery to DC, our customers can map their product flows and intercede on an order, at any time through the supply chain process.

One of the first actions we can undertake when working with a new customer, is to audit their supply chain, processes and participants, looking for opportunities in five specific areas: Efficiency | Existing/new markets | Cost savings | Enhancing quality | Agility

Effectively audited and managed supply chains support growth by responding quickly to market changes, adapting to shifting demand and mitigating risks.

For USA enquiries, EMAIL AdamDavies
For EU enquiries, EMAIL Chloe Henshall
For Technology enquiries, EMAIL Andy Costara

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