eCommerce; Using returns to increase customer loyalty

By Paul Kelly in Blog Posted: 7th, May, 2023

Over the last two years online retail returns have increased by 60% and with three-quarters of shoppers looking at the returns policy before making a purchase, providing shoppers with an easy returns process, will smooth the sales process and increase conversion rates.

Younger shoppers are accustomed to deliberately over-ordering, with 60% of 16-34 year olds trying items and returning anything they don’t like, but since the pandemic older showers are displaying similar behaviours, with 49% of online shoppers returning goods.

Returns have a huge impact on the bottom line, with retailers losing an estimated £60bn a year and even with 1 in 4 shoppers potentially abandoning their cart if a free and transparent returns process isn’t available, online retailers are changing their perspective on offering free returns.

Free delivery and returns were a reassurance, to get customers comfortable shopping online, but we are all comfortable shopping online now and focus is turning to profitability and sustainability, with 51% of shoppers willing to pay for a sustainable option.

Zara has started charging a fee of £1.95 to return merchandise bought online, Next also charge a fee and Boohoo has followed suit, after its rate of returns soared so high that it led to profits falling.

As more retailers follow suit and start charging for returns, it will be more critical than ever that they get the process right and make it simple for consumers to make returns, or they will lose them.

We understand the need to balance the cost and operational impact of returns with the customer experience, which is why we implement proven cost-effective solutions and provide retailers with visibility of the process, so they can track re-saleable goods back into stock, through QC, refurbishment and availability for sale.

We know that 92% of online shoppers that receive a good returns experience, will make repeat purchases, which is why our objective is to provide retailers with the most effective returns process possible.

Oriental Global Logistics (OGL) is the eCommerce subsidiary of Global Forwarding, with fulfilment centres in Hong Kong, New Jersey, and Heathrow for the super-efficient processing of inbound stock and returns.

VISIT the Oriental Global Logistics web site, or EMAIL OGL’s managing director, John Ruan, to learn more.

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