Enhancing your global sourcing

By Paul Kelly in News Posted: 28th, February, 2024

International sourcing is a proven and effective way to reduce costs, access new markets and find new suppliers, but it also comes with challenges and companies need to overcome these potential hurdles to succeed in developing their sourcing strategy.

The most common global sourcing challenges include the political and economic landscape, language and cultural differences, legal and regulatory issues, currency fluctuations and logistics challenges.

Global Forwarding have teamed up with ET2C to improve, simplify and accelerate the global sourcing process, connecting you with outstanding new suppliers in emerging and developing markets from Asia to South America.

Founded by Richard Archer-Perkins in China in 2001, ET2C today encompasses over 200 procurement professionals across Asia, India, Vietnam, America and Europe, covering multiple markets, with thousands of industry contacts.

Over two decades ET2C have developed a highly refined sourcing process that ensures they can identify opportunities and collaborate with suppliers across China, India, Vietnam and Asia that are aligned with your sourcing strategy.

The process
In assessing your needs ET2C get to know you and your product specifications, which means understanding what you are looking for from suppliers and setting up the efficient critical path that is essential in effective vendor and supply chain management.

ET2C undertake due diligence of potential suppliers, including company, executive and product verification. Market standing, capacity, financials, price points and quality are all corroborated before the sampling and development process leads into production, QC and shipment.

Cost savings is one of the biggest advantages that ET2C provide. In identifying new or alternative sources they can reduce overall production costs, while preserving, or even improving QC level.

Communication is key to the success of any new relationship and ET2C’s local presence is critical when non-verbal actions, or a misplaced word can mean something entirely different from what one actually meant to say

However, shipping costs and the costs of delays or loss of goods when transporting can undo these benefits, which is why Global Forwarding has partnered with ET2C, to take responsibility for shipping and protect these benefits.

ET2C serves startups, medium to large retailers and wholesalers that are seeking quality-assured products and sourcing solutions from China, India, Vietnam and Turkey. EMAIL David Gilroy to discuss your sourcing requirements and learn more.

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