Leading the way with greener shipping

By Paul Kelly in News Posted: 6th, May, 2024

Global forwarding is the first freight forwarder in the Republic of Ireland to invest in climate-friendly shipping with a Top Five container shipping line, and the first to actively avoid emissions for refrigerated container exports across the UK and Ireland.

With Hapag-Lloyd’s Ship Green service it is possible to select climate-friendly shipping options, which use biodiesel and the book and claim system to actively avoid specified emission levels during the sea voyage.

Many shippers, including Nestlé and IKEA choose the Ship Green option to decarbonise container shipments, with waste and residue-based biofuel, instead of conventional marine fuel oil.

The book and claim system is essentially a way for shippers to de-couple greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the physical product by transferring them from another party (Hapag-Lloyd) via a dedicated registry.

The shippers ‘books’ a specific quantity of sustainable fuel and then ‘claims’ the emissions reduction toward their sustainability targets, which means the shippers can own the environmental benefits without physically possessing the fuel. They receive an independently verified certificate to certify their claim.

Book and claim is based on the concept of carbon insetting, which is about funding projects aimed at reducing carbon emissions within the same sector or industry.

Hapag-Lloyd attributes emissions avoidance to all its ocean leg services, regardless of the vessel and route used. Thus, Ship Green is available on all Hapag-Lloyd services and for all customers globally.

Carbon insets are different from traditional carbon offsetting, which aims to fund projects like tree planting to offset carbon emission. If done right and industry-wide, book and claim systems have the potential to sharply reduce the climate footprint of the transportation sector.

Commenting on their partnership with Global Forwarding, Hapag-Lloyd said. “This clearly demonstrates that Global Forwarding shares the same vision and values as Hapag-Lloyd, where we must continue to innovate and invest in newer and cleaner ways to avoid carbon emissions in our endeavours towards cleaner and greener shipping.“

We are pleased to offer shippers a selection of emission-reduced ocean transport solutions, based on biofuel, with the option of 100%, 50% or 25% CO2e emission avoidance.

Climate-friendly shipping options are available for all shipments, including standard, reefer, hardtop, or tank equipment.

To learn how you can reduce emissions from your ocean shipping EMAIL William Bashford, Managing Director of Global Forwarding Ireland.

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