Supply chain resilience in ‘normal’ times

By Paul Kelly in Blog Posted: 13th, July, 2023

The pandemic accelerated transformation in supply chain operations, as businesses finally understood how critical resilience is and where business leaders once viewed the supply chain as an opportunity to drive cost savings, there is now a clear connection between an agile, shock-resistant supply chain and a company’s growth potential.

The global air freight and container shipping markets have largely normalised, but it is important to keep in mind that a normal freight market is not the same as a global shipping market with no changes or disruptions.

There will always be challenges and operational disruptions. 

In the United States, we may have avoided strike action on the US West Coast, but in Vancouver (a key entry point for the US mid-West) strike action by ILWU Canada is approaching its second week, while the drought on the Panama Canal has been impacting container vessels transiting to the US East Coast. 

Just as operational disruption will manifest anywhere, at any time, there is always a point in global supply chains that is being impacted by adverse weather conditions, such as storms or fog.

We provide supply chain executives with the data and information they need to assess and react to challenges, with global mapping and daily email updates denoting changes and automated alerts, when ETA’s are changed.

It is because businesses need to thrive against this backdrop of a complex supply chain environment that our ChainGlobal platform provides end-to-end visibility, with purchase order management and transparency of inventory throughout the supply chain.

Our latest tracking release QUANTUM has been designed to be entirely dependable, reliable and accurate, with carrier data 100% quality checked and verified, for real-time updates and ASN 865 EDI/API exchange. 

From shipment booking, you can specify the logic checked data points you want visibility of, including sailing options, vessel position and container milestone, with bespoke reporting for critical points.

The pandemic triggered supply chain disruptions of the last few years were particularly profound and far outside anything we might expect and while we should not expect new challenges or disruptions to have anything like that impact again, there will always be competitive pressure in the market, that will create capacity issues and rate fluctuations.

All things considered, the markets are effectively normal and while this may not be as good as it gets, there will always be new challenges or disruptions, which QUANTUM will help you anticipate, identify and overcome obstacles.

QUANTUM is an added value service for our customers. To learn more, or to arrange a demo – EMAIL Andy Costara.

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